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List of publications by the network members

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Image by Maarten van den Heuvel

Media and op-eds

Shih, T. (2023, April 1). Security risks: How to keep the global science system open. University World News. Chubb, A., & Carrico, K. (2022). In dialogue with Andrew Chubb and Kevin Carrico: universities between China and the West. 9Dashline. Shih, T. (2022). We need an open dialogue on global research engagement. University World News. ​Shih, T. (2022). It’s getting harder for scientists to collaborate across borders – that’s bad when the world faces global problems like pandemics and climate change. The Conversation. Heathershaw, J., Fulda, A., & Chubb, A. (2021). Vice-Chancellors should welcome staff participation in the governance of their university's international partnerships. LSE Impact Blog.


Chubb, A. (2022). Rights protection: How the UK should respond to the PRC's overseas influence. LAU China Institute Policy Series 2022: China in the World, (2). King's College London. Chubb, A. (2021). PRC Overseas Political Activities: Risk, Reaction and the Case of Australia. Routledge. ​Shih, T., Gaunt, A., & Östlund, S. (2020). Responsible internationalisation: Guidelines for reflection on international academic collaboration.

Peer-reviewed articles and publications

Cooney-O'Donoghue, D.  The ongoing allure of China engagement in the face of national security risks: The case of Australia-China scientific university collaboration. Forthcoming in Asian Studies Review. Shih, T. (2023). Navigating the Gray Zones of International Research. Issues in Science and Technology, 39(2). Shih, T. (2023). Research funders play an important role in fostering research integrity and responsible internationalization in a in a multipolar world. Accountability in Research, 1-10. Heathershaw, J., Chalcraft, J., Chubb, A., et al.(2022). Model code of conduct: protection of academic freedom and the academic community in the context of the internationalisation of the UK HE sector. The International Journal of Human Rights, 26(10), 1858-1865. Shih, T., & Forsberg, E. (2022). Origins, motives, and challenges in western–Chinese research collaborations amid recent geopolitical tensions: findings from Swedish–Chinese research collaborations. Higher Education,1-17. Shih, T. (2023). Promoting responsible practices in international research collaboration in a multipolar landscape. [Preprint]. OSFPreprints. Shih, T., Chubb, A., & Cooney-O'Donoghue, D. (2023). Scientific collaboration amid geopolitical tensions: a comparison of Sweden and Australia. [Preprint]. OSFPreprints. Shih, T., Cooney-O’Donoghue, D., Ördén, H., Chubb, A., Forsberg, E. Global science challenges in an era of geopolitical competition. (Under review) Cooney-O'Donoghue, D., Shih, T., Breaden, J., & Chubb, A. (in progress). Japanese science amid geopolitical tensions and national security concerns: Trends and developments. Cooney-O'Donoghue, D. (2023). Australia's debate on Chinese Communist Party influence: A study of perceptions of Australia-China university engagement and academic freedom. (Doctoral dissertation, Monash University). Ördén, H. (in progress) ‘The Neuropolitical Imaginaries of Cognitive Warfare.’

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